Jijiangkaida World Cup, recently broke a lot of football catch a free ride baby. However, the most "is Hong Kong" football baby, of course, can not fail to mention the "girls soccer" Zhou Weitong photo supermodel fame.

Zhou Weitong sexy photo shoot recently in Japan, a big show of bikini Breast.
Photo album of this well-known by the Japanese photographer Seiichi Nomura Zhang Jing, it continues Zhouwei Tong past sexy style, the charm of the Zhouwei Tong radiation to the maximum, people Shoubushijuan, unable to stop.

In this series of pictures, the Zhou Weitong almost all the bikini appearance. Zhou Weitong wear bikini wet body, two peaks, in contrast, long hair shawl, languishing eyes tell a secret can not be said.
Human soul hook.

If the color can represent a mood, then the wearing of the various types of bikini Zhou Weitong can be said to represent her when she was a different state of mind.
Hundreds of colors, match a hundred models of Zhou Weitong.
Zhou Weitong itself born athlete, the best approach long jump after jumping more than 6 meters.
Therefore, she received professional sports training, in line with the whole body is particularly photogenic.

This time she went to Japan to shoot bikini photo album is no exception, part of the photo is out after a bunch of users have a message "Guiqiu" to forward the Complete Works of Atlas. But there are some users think that Zhou Weitong scale of this album too much, plus she went to Japan to shoot again.
So "scale than the AV Actress also great" the statement also followed published.

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