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Known as "the mainland version of Lin Chi-ling" in Zhou Weitong most frequently appeared in the big screen in recent years work has won praise from many people. Recently, by starring in the comedy film "Love Repair Station" is also about the Oct. 21 release, this comedy film by Zhou Weitong and Tao Guo, Hu Jing, Indah, Ada Choi Yuanqiong Dan co-star and so the film tells the now the divorce rate continued to climb up the city against the backdrop of how the founder of a group who love blood and repair station, helped the verge of collapse in the love story of recovery. Zhouwei Tong played in the film left a good old woman, as a service station love love high participation, the emergence of various conditions to the pulse of love to see a doctor.

For the starred this role, Zhou Weitong frankly with their own lives the image of a great contrast in her own life that role to the story than simply a lot of love and she is not the problem a variety of ideas to give the "high participation."
However, the beauty of being an actor is the ability to walk between the different roles, to learn to appreciate life do not know, try to figure out over the role after a careful, she felt she had no way to control this image is not a problem.

Cross from the model to become a professional actor, Zhou Weitong have to face many questions. Because looks natural beauty, from the first movie started, "vase" of the voice heard, however, "love pit" in Zhou Weitong the dedicated performance proved that she can not walk alone looks today. Fixing a scene when the crew, asked Zhou Weitong have climbed the ten-meter-high, crumbling wooden shelves, Zhou Weitong security measures in the absence of any case, he just climbed to the top of his breath, in the above speech more than 1 hour, see staff have the following startling endless.
After Zhouwei Tong also said to climb the elevated heart is pinched himself when Khan but since the director has requested to do so in shaping the role of a help, as the actor himself must not hesitate to climb.

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