E奶周韋彤認了她與台灣老公Dave Lin的婚姻!〔圖/擷取自Dave Lin網頁〕

E cup Zhouwei Tong and Taiwan recognized her husband Dave Lin marriage! Figure / pages retrieved from Dave Lin


Yesterday is not today! "The land version of Lin Chi-ling, " Zhou Weitong found to have a wife!


韋彤 周韋彤


周韋彤外型相當亮眼,拍攝的寫真集更是尺度超大、超性感,只是面對「瞞婚說」,她解釋朋友都知道她已經結婚,「從未想過要隱瞞。」只是老公Dave Lin其實背景相當有來頭,本名林狄迪的Dave,爸爸其實是前國大代表林正國。



大陸「林志玲」韋彤 E奶來台壓境



Zhouwei Tong Wei Tong

"The land version of Lin Chi-ling," Zhou Weitong the 20th Weekly broke the news has been married 3 years, the other is a Taiwanese photographer.
Although Taiwan's agent denial, but the words are quite interesting; broke the day she accepted Taiwan's print media interview, Zhou Weitong admitted "4 years ago, the two married in Hong Kong."

Zhou Weitong looks very rosy, the photo shoot set is large-scale, super sexy, but the face of "marriage evasion, said," she explains that she has been married friends, "never thought to hide." But her husband Dave Lin
In fact, the background quite a progenitor, the Minglindidi's Dave, my father is the former National Assembly Lin Zhengguo.

But for the family in Taiwan, Zhou Weitong very low-key "I do not want to speak out from my mouth to their name." Zhou Weitong for her husband worked as a photographer is denied, only worked as a model that Dave is right, also revealed that the two were camera phones advertising awareness.
They know in 8 years ago, when the first went to Greece in commercials, "he proposed to me, ha ha, I can not say it! Four years ago, we organized a wedding in Hong Kong, Party up."

Have been married for a wife, Zhou Weitong very generous, direct that the work of the photo shoot, her husband, her family are supportive, even if the shot is not exposed in three large-scale naked, "My husband does not get angry." Zhou Weitong even get a small S,
Lucky children as templates, direct that the marriage does not affect the work!

Mainland "Lin Chi-ling," Wei Tong E milk arrives in Taiwan

On the mainland known as "Little Lin Chi-ling" in Taiwan Wei-tung made the future album! It is reported that fever in Japan due to Lin Chi Ling, Wei Tong, although the replica was recommended to Japan, but also the millions taken by Japan to Kirin Brewery annual advertising selection. She is also known as the other side of the "first supermodel", was the "China model Star" winner, but also with Lin Chi-ling shoot "decisive battle brake Mazhen," but a lot of her chest than Linxiong Wei, at least E cup, photo album bare upper body to show good figure.





Lin Chi-ling in the "Beautiful Woman " that you love challenge: "I live in my heart a funny, adventurous child. " before she passed the good news has not happened, she said: "I'm so strong? I do not want to own or You down ... My life is not sorry for myself any case. "


韋彤闖星河 為娘治眼疾

Chuang Xing Wei Tong eye treatment for the Mother





 ▲ Wei Tong, hearty personality Sichuan girl. (Likai Ming Chang)

Mainland "first supermodel" Wei Tong, 21, held the stage "album released in Asia to join the gold medal cum wind" press conference. She stood on the runway not want to stardom, but to rule my mother eyes.
She kept the money to about 60,000 yuan (about 28 million NT dollars) for the treatment for the mother of the eye, also successfully treat my mother, "Mom can finally see me."

She often accompanied her movies, but they take the last row, "because her mother can not see things eye too close, she wore thicker than the bottle bottom glasses, even if close, could not see I look like. "Mom always bump into things walking past, her mother does not blame the careful examination, the doctor said that my mother is almost blind, she found out her mother hiding of the disease. Her old flat chest, is of the Wai Fan D cup, man being questioned yesterday, she said: "This is my mother gave me a most precious gift, was asked this, I would not mind." 

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